Date: 22nd February 2021

Install a Fire Alarm System

The installation of a fire alarm system is one of the most important measures you can take to manage fire risk in either your home or a commercial property. If you haven’t installed a fire alarm system in your property, here are some crucial reasons to:

Fire Alarms Save Lives
This the most important reason to install an alarm system. The system detecting smoke or fire as soon as possible will give your loved ones or your employees the best chance of escape and survival in the event of a fire.

Reduced Damage
The sooner you can catch the fire, the sooner you can take actions to put it out. The quicker a fire is put out; the less damage will be caused to your property resulting in lower costs. Think of a new alarm system as an investment that keeps not only yourself and others in the property safe, but keeps your building safe too.

Shortened Recovery Time
If your commercial property is damaged by fire, your business could expect a downtime until it can reopen. If the fire is caught early and less damage is caused, you can reopen soon and reduce lost revenue.

You May Qualify for Insurance Discounts
A lot of insurance carriers offer discounted rates on business insurance policy premiums if you have a code-compliant fire alarm system. Some providers may even require you to install a fire alarm system before they will insure you.
Here at Wil-Lec, we have an expert alarm system installation team based in Grimsby. If you would like to find out more about our alarm system services, you can click here to read our fire alarm page. If you are interested in our services, you can enquire on 0800 915 8670 or you can visit our contact us page.


Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant