Date: 15th September 2015

New Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations Arrive for Landlords on October 1, 2015

Landlords are now required by law to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in each of their properties following new government legislation.

From October 1 2015, landlords must provide a working smoke alarm on each floor, while carbon monoxide alarms must be placed where a solid fuel burning appliance is found in all privately rented accommodation.

The new regulations are part of the UK government’s bid to prevent up to 26 deaths and 670 injuries per year, which occur if a working smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is not present. Backed by various UK Fire and Rescue services, the law comes into effect after 38 percent of deaths from home fires recorded in Britain in the years 2013-14 were from the lack of a fully working smoke alarm.

In order for landlords to understand the new legislation, a guidance booklet has been produced by the Home MOT for Safer Homes Task Group in accordance with a number of industry organisations and landlord associations.

The Home Safety Guidance outlines the necessary safety checks that should be considered by landlords and includes; a Home Safety certificate, a visual electrical checklist, supportive guidance document and a Fall Prevention checklist.

Andy Reynolds, lead officer for Electrical Safety for the Chief Fire Officers Association said: “The recent legislation is designed to help make tenants safer by requiring that working smoke alarms are in place on each floor of the house and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in all rooms where a solid fuel burning appliance is in place in all private rented accommodation.

“We see huge value in promoting the Home Safety Guidance documents, so landlords can meet and keep track of their obligations to ensure the safety of their tenants.”

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Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant