Date: 9th September 2015

Outdoor LED Lighting Market Estimated to reach £8.2 billion by 2022

The outdoor LED lighting market has grown substantially in the past few years on a global scale. According to a new report from the US-based consulting company Grand View Research, LED lighting is estimated to reach approximately $12.4 billion – or £8.2 billion – by the year 2022.

Back in 2013, the UK was said to share around £330 million of the market, while previous research expected LED lighting to peak in 2017. But LEDs are still in focus and are consistently placed in commercial buildings or used for technology and advertisement billboards.

As part of the surge in LED lighting, many UK councils changed their traditional street lights to low energy LED lights, which has not only helped to reduce our overall carbon footprint but has also reduced energy costs significantly.

Having started the scheme in December 2013, North East Lincolnshire council launched the £8.2 million project and transformed 16,500 orange sodium street lights to the cleaner and more efficient white LEDs.

Based on a constant demand for cleaner energy, the LED lighting industry will continue to grow. And Wil-Lec Group will remain a part of those trends with our LED installation service. To contact us for a free free full energy analysis, call a member of our team on 0800 915 8670.

Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant