GivEnergy All In One 13.5kWh Battery and Inverter with Gateway £6650.00 inc VAT

A one of a kind home battery and inverter - unrivalled for power and price.


GivEnergy All In One 13.5kWh Battery and Inverter with Gateway £6650.00 inc VAT GivAI1

GivEnergy All In One 13.5kWh Battery and Inverter with GivEnergy Gateway

Primarily working as an on grid system, the All in One can deliver 7kW of peak power into the home on top of any solar generation.

Complete with a substantial 13.5kWh useable battery pack. Connect up to 6 systems in parallel, giving 80kWh of useable storage and the ability to deliver 30kW of power into the home. Featuring a modular design for ease of handling and installation.

Grid Services Ready

Energy suppliers and aggregators are offering payments for end users that can reduce their electrical consumption at certain times.

Whole House Backup

Whole house backup acts as a UPS in the event of power failure. This allows operation OFF grid until grid supply is restored.

Flexible Rate Tarif

Charge the battery off peak where its cleaner, greener and less costly then discharge the battery during peak times for maximum saving.

Modular Design

Need a larger capacity? Modular design allows for upto 6 units to be installed in parallel.

Key Features of the GivEnergy All In One 13.5kWh Battery and Inverter:

  • 13500Wh Capacity
  • 7000W Peak Power
  • 6000W Nominal AC Power
  • Weight: 173.7kg
  • IP Protection: IP65

What's included in the package?

  • 1 x GivEnergy All In One 13.5kWh Battery and Inverter
  • 1 x GivEnergy All In One Gateway

Delivery cost to UK mainland is £99

Please note only Givenergy approved installers can install and commission this product.


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IP (Ingress Protection) rating: :IP65
Warranty:10 years
Dimensions:1100 x 600 x 280 mm
Battery Capacity:13500Wh