As a nation, we are curbing the demand for non-renewable resources such as fossil and nuclear fuels and replacing our energy consumption with cleaner, more efficient alternatives in wind and solar power. Enhancements in energy technology over the last decade has given us the ability to create innovative and effective solutions to households and businesses across the UK. And Wil-Lec’s Solar Photovoltaic technology is a key part of those movements in the renewable’s sector.


Our comprehensive solar PV energy system is designed to specification and fitted easily by Wil-Lec’s professional green energy team. Suitable for homes or commercial properties under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), the installation process will always meet any safety and technical requirements such as BREEAM, among others.


With minimal maintenance needed, our solar PV system means you’ll have less hassle and reap the benefits quicker. Not only do we at Wil-Lec believe in the importance of cleaner, safer energy for our environment, we’re also passionate about delivering first-rate, highly valuable solutions to our customers in a rapidly growing sector.


Wil-Lec can offer maintenance and repairs to any solar energy systems no matter who installed it, or what model it is. We can keep any system running for maximum energy production and efficiency. We can carry out a complete diagnostics solar panel repair with ongoing maintenance, system updates & monitoring if required.

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Fitting solar panels onto commercial or domestic roofs allow the sun’s natural light to be collected during the day, stored and then converted into energy.

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solar panels installation grimsby, electrical services grimsby, electricians grimsby


Solar power is a lucrative development which not only aids the environment but thousands of properties nationwide with the continuous rise in energy.

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solar panels installation grimsby, electrical services grimsby, electricians grimsby


With all the benefits from a solar power installation, both to the environment and for your financial gain, Wil-Lec is proud to back the government FIT scheme.

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WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Clean, renewable energy

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick No electrical expenses

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Decreased dependency on fossil fuels

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickNo need for extra rewiring

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick No noise generation

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickLong-term savings

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Produces 40% annual household electricity

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Useful for both residential & business properties

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickSolar Maintenance & Repair

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