LED Lighting

Gives you superb efficiency, long life, and perfect suitability for small spaces

As the region’s leading company in LED Lighting, Wil-Lec Group can provide homes and commercial properties with the best possible solutions.

Our team of electricians have extensive experience when designing and installing light fixtures, so can easily adapt each fitting by determining the most efficient power and intensity needed, depending on building layout and its purpose of operation.

Our consultative process with clients ensure their needs are always taken into consideration and, given our breadth of industry knowledge, our staff are happy to assist and advise wherever we can.

LED Lighting Benefits

  • Are easily controlled digitally
  • Can withstand considerable impact and vibrations
  • Environmentally safe and mercury-free
  • More efficient when fitted with high quality heat sinks
  • Require significantly less cleaning than conventional lights
  • Suitably lights materials sensitive to heat and daylight