Date: 8th June 2022

Choosing the right bathroom design and install team

We use our bathrooms multiple times a day without even thinking about it from brushing our teeth in the morning to showering before bed. Bathrooms can last for years and before long will eventually look outdated, who is waiting for avocado suites from the seventies to come back in vogue? You’re probably in for a long wait even that timeless white suite with the air jets installed in the noughties could probably do with a refresh if we’re honest. Choosing the right bathroom design and install team can save you time and money.

Our bathroom designer will find out what you would like from your new bathroom, what’s missing from your current bathroom and also tell you what advances there have been in showers and spa systems in recent years. Bathrooms are now far more technical advanced with smart voice controlled lighting and entertainment systems now being considered by many clients.

Wil-Lec’s highly experienced bathroom design and install team includes designers, plumbers, electricians, multi skilled operatives with skills in joinery, plastering and tiling meaning we’re not reliant on trying to source subcontractors who can let you down at the last minute.

Why choose a bathroom designer rather than a plumber?

A designer gets to work with many suppliers and trades people which gives a bigger perspective and experience on bathroom knowledge beyond the scope of the plumber who concentrates on fitting bathrooms to spec. Designers are also more aware of the latest products and technological advances from the latest bathroom suites to showers and entertainment systems.

The designer will also discuss with their team the technical restrictions a bathroom can prevent but also the possibilities it allows.

Our designer will always visit you for a consultation to measure up and then discuss your options for suite, storage, tiling and layout offering suggestions you probably haven’t considered. They will also discuss your budget and create a design that fits within that budget. At Wil-Lec we enjoy trade discounts with major suppliers which we can pass onto you the client allowing for a more luxurious bathroom to be a possibility if you have a small budget.

Using Wil-Lec’s bathroom design and installation team allows the whole team to create an installation timeline allowing as minimal disruption to your bathroom installation as possible.

To arrange your initial consultation with our bathroom team call us on 01472 241881 or click here to contact us.

Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant