Date: 3rd May 2023

Homeowners are losing an estimated £6.8 billion a year

Gas Safe has recently launched it's 'Cash Leaks in the Home' campaign to educate homeowners about the importance of regular home maintenance. According to their research, homeowners are losing an estimated £6.8 billion a year due to avoidable cash leaks, which could have been prevented by carrying out maintenance tasks.

Some examples of these tasks include fixing a leaking toilet, getting gas appliances serviced, and retightening leaking taps and water pipes. The cost of not doing these tasks can add up quickly, with emergency call-outs and repairs for major leaks costing up to £2,000.

Ignoring leaks can lead to much more expensive repairs down the line, costing up to £1,500. So, it's important to stay on top of home maintenance to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The Home Cash Leak Data

Data from Checkatrade

Fixing a leaking toilet

  • £40-60: Average cost per hour to hire a plumber plus parts (the plumber may charge for the job rather than the hour)
  • £100 - £120: Average cost for emergency call out fee plus the cost of the repair (if the leak is major and you need water extracting from your home, it could cost you around £2,000)

Getting gas appliances serviced i.e. gas boiler

  • £100: The average cost of getting gas appliances serviced and safety checked once a year
  • £410: The average cost of emergency boiler repair

Retightening/repairing/replacing leaking taps

  • £100: Replacing your tap plus tap cost
  • £330 – £1,500: Repairing your property’s main water service line

Retightening/repairing leaking water pipes

  • £330: Fixing a leaking pipe
  • £330 – £1,500: Compared to the extent of damage a leaking pipe can cause (e.g. repairing your property’s main water service line)

Steve Wilson owner of Wil-Lec GRP Ltd said “Winter puts more stress on our boilers, pipes and joints. Fixing these issues early can prevent expensive call outs later on. Our plumbing and heating team can service and repair these problems for you.”

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Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant