Date: 20th April 2022

How long does an electric vehicle take to charge?

Depending on the vehicle and electric charging point output the charging time can vary from 30 minutes or more than 12 hours.

Wil-Lec supply and install chargers ranging from 7kw to 22 kw by a variety of manufacturers, now you are obviously thinking great I will go straight for the fastest and mightiest the 22kw charger but hold it there tiger unless your property has a phase 3 power source you will be limited to a 7kw charging point install.

However, a typical electric car with a 60kw battery will take less than 8 hours to charge from empty to full on a 7kw fast charging point. 60 ÷ 7 = 8.5 however it is very rare for the battery to be completely drained hence less than 8 hours.

An example of charging times for a range of electric vehicle

VehicleCharger typeCharging timeRange/hour
Audi e-tron GT (2021)3 pin plug charge41 hours 7m/h
7kw Fast Charging Point 14 Hours20m/h
22kw Fast Charging Point9 hours31m/h
20-80%50kw public charger70 mins140m/30mins
150kw public charger30 mins213m/30mins
Hyundai Ioniq Electric (2020) 3 pin plug charge17 hours11m/h
7kw Fast Charging Point 6 hours33m/h
22kw Fast Charging Point6 hours33m/h
20-80%50kw public charger30 mins119 30m/h
150kw public charger30 mins119 30m/h
Kia EV6 (2021)3 pin plug charge17 hours8m/h
7kw Fast Charging Point 11 hours26m/h
22kw Fast Charging Point7 hours40m/h
20-80%50kw public charger60 min91m/30mins
150kw public charger20 mins274/30mins
Peugeor e-Expert3 pin plug charge22 hours6m/h
7kw Fast Charging Point 7 hours19m/h
22kw Fast Charging Point7 hours19m/h
20-80%50kw public charger40 mins68m/30 mins
150kw public charger20 mins135m/30mins

As can be seen from the table above charging speed depends also on the vehicle with some having rapid charge capabilities whilst others do not have rapid charge features.

Rapid chargers are clearly the fastest way to charge an electric vehicle and all cars can charge on compatible chargers, but their charging speed maybe limited by the car itself.

Many electric vehicle owners choose to plug in whenever they park so they’re always ready for a long journey this is called top up charging.

As many electric car drivers choose to top when parked many don’t worry about how long it takes to charge from empty to full instead preferring to know how many miles of range they have.

Fast EV charging points can be affected by load limiting which the charger will introduce if the supply is limited due to high energy consumption elsewhere in the property which can extend charging time.

Whether you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle or already own one we’re the area’s leading independent installers of electric vehicle charging points to homes, business premises and public parking locations contact us using the form here or call 01472 241881.

Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant