Date: 22nd September 2022

New better solar panel payback times due to new tariffs.

With this weeks news of the latest energy caps being introduced from the 1st October 2023 at 33p per kWh and Octopus Energy also announcing increases to their Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) export payments to £0.15 per kWh we can now update our solar payback table and show there has still never been a better time to invest in solar.

The table is based on a 4kWh system installed and generating 2850kWh per year which is a lower than average generation, we would expect a 4kWh solar system to generate more than this.

Making the payback in a worst case scenario for a 4kWh an hour system 8 years or less.


Price per kWh purchased

Solar energy used 60%

SEG 40%

Total generated

Payback period

March 2022



£0.05 = £57


17 years

April 2022



£0.05 = £57


11 Years

Oct 2022



£0.15 = £171


8 years

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Gary Stafford Business Development Manager