Date: 18th December 2023

Solar panel frequently asked questions FAQ

You may have many questions around solar panels and here we answer the most common questions.

System design

  • Can you assess my home or business to determine the optimal solar panel system size and design? Yes we do this first by looking at your roof through Google maps.
  • What factors influence the design, such as roof orientation, shading, and available space? Using Google Maps we can check your roofs, size, pitch and any potential shading which may impact your installation.

Product information

  • What types and brands of solar panels do you offer? We offer solar panels by all the leading manufacturers. Solar panel capabilities are rapidly changing so we tend to choose the latest solar panels offering the best efficiencies.
  • Can you provide details on the efficiency, durability, and warranty of the solar panels? The solar panels we install usually are warranted for 25 years of solar generation and our inverters can be warranted for up to ten years.

Installation process

  • How long does the installation process typically take? Depending on the size of your installation a typical domestic installation will require our teams on site for two days, commercial installations due to there larger size will take longer.
  • What does the installation process involve, and how will it impact my daily routine? If scaffolding is required we will arrange this for you. When Wil-lec are on site we will require access to your roof via scaffolding and then for a small time in your loft to feed the new incoming cables into your property and again to connect the system to your consumer unit. We should have very little impact on your routine, our customers often comment how polite and respectful our teams are whilst on site.

Cost and financing

  • What is the total cost of the solar panel system, including installation? Our prices start from just £4999 for 4,1kWh installation*.
  • Do you offer financing options or payment plans? At Wil-Lec GRP Limited, we are committed to delivering excellent service and understand that many customers may prefer the option of paying with finance. So, we’ve partnered with established credit brokers, Ideal4Finance, to enable customers to spread the cost with manageable monthly payments. You can read more about our finance offer here.
  • Are there any available incentives, rebates, or tax credits for installing solar panels? At the moment the government is offering zero percent VAT on solar panels and ancillary installations from February 1st 2024 PV batteries installed independently will also become zero rated for VAT.

Energy production and savings

  • How much energy can I expect the system to produce, and how does that align with my energy needs? This varies from installation to installation and we would provide this on a quote, we only install viable solar panel systems and if you're roof is unfortunately found to be unsuitable for solar panels we will tell you and explain why.
  • What kind of savings can I anticipate on my electricity bills after installing solar panels? With energy prices being as high as they are at the moment and looking to remain high according to experts until the end of the decade, combined with lower solar panel prices there has never been a better time to install solar panels. We will be glad to show you the potential savings within any quote we provide using MCS provided calculations.

Maintenance and lifespan

  • What kind of maintenance is required for the solar panels? Very little, many systems tend to be fit and forget. Some clients like to have their panels cleaned annually whilst others prefer the rain to clean them.
  • What is the expected lifespan of the solar panel system? Many solar panel manufacturers warranty their panels to generate energy for 20-25 years as a minimum and they should last for many years.

Monitoring and control

  • Do you provide a monitoring system to track energy production and system performance? Yes we only use solar panel inverter systems with online system monitoring via your Wi-Fi system. This allows you as well as us to monitor for any alarm activations should they occur.
  • Can I control or adjust the system remotely? For a solar panel system with out a battery there is very little to control. A system with a PV battery will offer various ways to control or adjust where you use your energy. This is particularly useful for those who use the latest variable energy rates allowing you to fill your battery using cheap overnight electric and then using it during expensive periods in the evening.

Warranty and support

  • What warranties are included for the solar panels and other system components? Solar panel warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Inverters and batteries vary from 5 years to 12 years.
  • What kind of support or service do you offer post-installation? Being local to you means we are always just a phone call away to help you should the need arise. We take great pride in our aftercare and will also help with any warranty claims.

Certificates and qualifications

  • Are your solar panels certified by relevant industry standards? Yes we only use products which are certified by MCS.
  • Is your company certified or accredited by any solar industry organizations? Yes we are MCS certified installers, NICEIC approved contractors, we are endorsed for quality by the government's Trustmark scheme and we comply with RECC the renewable energy Consumer Code.
  • We are certified installers for Tesla Powerwall and Givenergy products.

References and past installations

  • Can you provide references from previous customers? Yes we are Trustpilot rated excellent and we are rated 4.7 stars on Google.
  • Do you have examples of past installations that I can visit or see pictures of? Yes you can see many of our installations on our Facebook page here

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Gary Stafford Business Development Manager