Date: 27th June 2023

GivEnergy All in One now available from Wil-Lec Group

Wil-Lec Group is excited to announce the much-anticipated availability of the GivEnergy All in One. The All in One combines a battery and an inverter in a single, integrated product. The solution also comes with a backup gateway – the Giv-Gateway – that keeps homes running during outages.

GivEnergy’s All in One provides customers with a reliable and efficient way to store energy. This energy can come from renewables, or simply from the grid when rates are cheap. The customer can then run their home on sustainable, low-cost stored energy.

Making the product so transformative is its combination of a battery and an inverter in one compact product. The solution also boasts heavyweight power, with a capacity of 13.5kWh from a single unit.

"We are thrilled to be launching our new All in One product”, says Jason Howlett, CEO of GivEnergy. “We believe it will revolutionise the way customers live – helping more households save money on their energy spend while protecting the environment.”

With its advanced features, competitive pricing, and exceptional performance, the All in One is a game-changer in the energy storage industry. When combined with the Giv-Gateway and its backup power functionality, the system enables customers to power even the highest-demand households with maximum efficiency, minimum energy costs, plus minimum dependence on the grid.

“We’re delighted to supply the All in One and Giv-Gateway”, says Steve Wilson, Managing Director at Wil-Lec Group. “It’s a pleasure to help our customers become increasingly energy-independent, without having to invest in costly or bulky systems .”

The new GivEnergy All in One is accessibly priced, built to last, and now available from [Business name]. Even better, a limited time launch offer means that every purchase of an All in One comes with a free Giv-Gateway included. To place an order, please visit:

Gary Stafford Marketing Assistant