With all the benefits from a solar power installation, both to the environment and for your financial gain, Wil-Lec is proud to back the government FIT scheme. Our solar PV panels are top of the range, well fitted, and are guaranteed to last for a number of years with our warranty protection. Opting to install the renewable energy system into your own home can generate electricity for you for the next 20 years, with little to no maintenance required. And with the government’s FIT scheme, payback on an install can on average* take up to 10 years, potentially generating a steady profit for the next 15 years.

Businesses and commercial property can also gain a number of benefits with solar panels too. A large amount of business owners are often running many electrical components within their properties, so by installing solar PV technology from Wil-Lec it can guarantee a huge amount of savings in the long run. We tailor every solar panel install to individual client needs, giving you complete satisfaction with the end result. Wil-Lec currently offer our astute solar PV technology installs to the following establishments, specialising in both large and ground mounted system builds.

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickSchools, Colleges and Universities

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickOffice Buildings

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickCommercial Developments (including retail)

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickIndustrial Buildings

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickArchitectural Projects

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickResidential Developments

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickHospitals and Medical Centres

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Community Buildings

* At the current government rates as of October 2015.

solar panels installation grimsby, electrical services grimsby, electricians grimsby


Fitting solar panels onto commercial or domestic roofs allow the sun’s natural light to be collected during the day, stored and then converted into energy.

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solar panels installation grimsby, electrical services grimsby, electricians grimsby


Solar power is a lucrative development which not only aids the environment but thousands of properties nationwide with the continuous rise in energy.

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WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Clean, renewable energy

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickNo electrical expenses

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickDecreased dependency on fossil fuels

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickNo need for extra rewiring

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickNo noise generation

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Guaranteed income for 20 years

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickLong-term savings

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickProduces 40% annual household electricity

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick VAT rate of 5% for domestic installs

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Useful for both residential & business properties

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