Harnessing the power of the sun is much easier than it sounds. Fitting solar panels onto commercial or domestic roofs allow the sun’s natural light to be collected during the day, stored and then converted into energy by a simple method.

Wil-Lec’s solar photovoltaic panels contain silicon solar cell technology which converts sunlight into energy by way of releasing electrons to produce a direct current. Of course, this direct current is then transformed into an alternating current through a power inverter, sending electrical power to the building. You’ll only ever use as much power as you need though, with the excess sent through to the national grid in order to power homes and businesses throughout the UK.

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Solar power is a lucrative development which not only aids the environment but thousands of properties nationwide with the continuous rise in energy.

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solar panels installation grimsby, electrical services grimsby, electricians grimsby


With all the benefits from a solar power installation, both to the environment and for your financial gain, Wil-Lec is proud to back the government FIT scheme.

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WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Clean, renewable energy

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Decreased dependency on fossil fuels

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Long-term savings

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickLower energy costs

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick No need for extra rewiring

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tickNo noise generation

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Produces upto 40% annual household electricity

WIL-LEC_Bullet point tick Solar Maintenance & Repair

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Useful for both residential & business properties

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